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Musical Dj's: Testimonials / FAQ



Hi Dan,

We really enjoyed having Freddie yesterday. He did a great job with the music – perfect variety and very upbeat. He was definitely what kept everyone pumped up and warm on such a cold morning! He was also very polite and attentive to our needs. Thanks for sending him and please pass along our compliments!

Best regards, Ashley Peterson

Development Associate


Yes, we loved Freddie! He was right on cue, remembered to make all of the announcements as needed, and played great, family friendly music! Thanks again for all your help with working out our need for a generator, etc. and tell Freddie thanks so much for coming out so early and being awake, positive and wonderful to work with.

Best Regards,

Rachel Taninecz

Development Associate

Ashley Peterson & Rachel Taninecz - Ronald Mcdonald House Charity (Mar 28, 2011)
I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your services on this past
Saturday night! Being blissfully ignorant of all that is takes to successfully
book entertainment and manage the multiple moving parts, I ventured into the
project with great optimism and naivite.. Upon reflection, it is
extraordinarily clear to me how much less successful our event would have been
without your professionalism and expertise! Sarah Small, our alum and a member
of the A Cappella Group commented on how helpful and just plain "good" your
services were.
JoAnne and I are thrilled with how the event unfolded and a big part of our
success is a direct result of your taking care of the lighting and sound and DJ
components of the evening.
I would be more than happy to serve as a reference for you and would certainly
not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of light, sound and
Thanks Dan,

Stephanie W. Havenstein
Assistant to the Head of School
The Field School
Stephanie W. Havenstein - DJ and Sound Event 5 Feb 2011 - Private Email From Client (Feb 9, 2011)

Hi Dan, Scooter and I are just getting back into town for a few days and I wanted to send you a quick note.

Thank you SO much for everything you did for our wedding!!! The day turned out AMAZING. You seriously did a fantastic job! It was exactly what we wanted and everyone told us after that it was the best wedding they had ever been to (and I had to agree;).

Anyway...I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and for keeping things together and running smoothly! It was SO appreciated! I'll be sure to respond to the feedback email that you sent us.

We have nothing but great things to say!

Oh...and I wanted to be sure to send you this link: . By far one of my favorite memories of the day:) Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Thanks again, Dan! Ashley (and Scooter:)

Mielnicki/Vines Wedding - Piedmont Club - DJ (Sep 26, 2009)

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your wonderful DJ'ing at our wedding!

You were above professional and the crowd loved you! 

You made the day go by so smoothly, it was really more than we could have asked for!

Thank you again,

Justin and Anna Sowa

Anna and Justin Sowa - Private Wedding (Sep 2, 2009)

Dan (the Man if I do say so myself) :) 

I really can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did at the wedding. From the ceremony, to the reception and the fun crazy lights...everyone is still talking about what a great time they had and that it was definitely the best wedding they've been to.

I really owe most of that to you! You were so easy to work with and so professional. The dance with my dad was awesome!!! It was a big hit. Thanks again and know that we will recommend you to everyone we know!!

-Joe and Ashley

Joe and Ashley Corcoran - Private Wedding (Sep 2, 2009)

I absolutely adore Dan Lamaestra from Musical DJ's!! I called Dan on a whim and within a few minutes of speaking with him, I just knew he would be our "guy". Dan really listened to what we wanted to achieve on our day- the feel, the ambiance, everything.

I feel that everyone else that I spoke with wanted to conform my ideas into what they provided. Dan actually listened to what we wanted and fully accomodated us. Dan had several phone calls with us were we pin-pointed our ceremony music (that he played accoustically- and oh, did I mention that he COMPOSED just for me!!!) and reception music (the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing).

Not only did he perfectly understand our vastly eclectic style, he improvised what he "knew" we would want. Hire this man, trust me, he will make the day supreme!!

P.S. Dan if you read this- you were/are amazing- you made my dreams come true- my day was a dream!! The music that you composed during the ceremony was breath taking! I can't even tell you how many compliments that I received!! EVERYONE just loved your work!!! Thanks so very much!!!!

Anna Burmeister - Private Wedding (Apr 5, 2009)

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you once again for providing the highest level of professional services for my daughter's wedding on April 5th.  Your non intrusive MC style fit quite well with our expectations.  The music selection and variety were great.  Your accoustic guitar for the ceremony was a smash hit, and your "can do attitude" helped make the day a success as all of the days schedule and plans went astray.

I wish you continued success.  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Thank you once again

Robert Burmeister
US General Services Administration

Rob Burmeister - Private Wedding - Wedding (Apr 8, 2009)

We attended the Anna and Garth wedding last Sunday that you worked. There were some problems that cropped up and you didn't miss a beat. Not only was the music great, including the guitar that you played at the ceremony, but you showed how professional and flexible you are by setting up twice and even offering solutions to the venue problems. Great Job.

Paul Gerstmayr - Guest at Wedding (Apr 8, 2009)

I am so lucky to have chosen Dan LaMaestra to DJ at my wedding! He is not just a DJ but also an amazing musician. He played piano as my guests arrived at the church. It was beautiful! Dan helped me get a singer for my ceremony. His recommendation was the best. Dan was the DJ at my reception. EVERYONE loved the music he played.

I asked him to stay till 1 AM but he was kind enough to keep the party going till 4:30 AM. No one wanted to leave because the music was so good. Everyone tells me that my wedding was the most beautiful and fun wedding that they ever been to, thanks to Mr. Dan LaMaestra.

I have had many parties in my life and I have heard many DJs -but NO ONE can beat Dan. I had been dreaming about my wedding day, since I was a little girl. I knew that it had to be perfect. To me, music is very important. It sets the mood. Dan had every song down right. I was impressed with his knowledge of music and how professional he was, when we first met.

He met me a couple of times before the wedding and we discussed music and lighting. He played awesome music, set up lights and did so much more. He was worth every penny. In fact, I don't think that I paid him what he really deserves. Dan arrived at the church at 2 PM, to set up for the ceremony and then the reception. He left my wedding at 6 AM the next day. He worked long hours.

He was extremely helpful and friendly through the entire process. I know it is hard to be working 14 hours straight. Dan did it and was always pleasant to be around. I wish that I could do my wedding all over again. It was so much fun. I danced all night. The ceremony music was beautiful. I owe Dan a lot.

I have already referred him to two of my closest friends. I know that he is going to do their weddings, within the next couple of months. I can't wait to attend my friend's weddings and dance all night again. I could go on and on. There is so much more that Dan did to help me make my wedding special.

I really was happy with the service and I would pay him double what he asked just because he was worth it. If any bride wants to see my pictures or ask me any questions, please feel free to email me:

I met Dan 2 months before my wedding. My wedding day was just perfect! Dan is the man! Words can’t express how lucky I few to have chosen Dan as my DJ.


Luci DelSignore - Private Wedding (Apr 11, 2009)

Dan, you were great. The music was perfect! Thank you for making my wedding special. I am so lucky to have found you. My wedding was AWESOME.

If anyone ever asks me about a DJ, I will tell them about you. I got very lucky with you. No one could have done it better.

Sincerely, Luci

Luci DeSouza - Private Wedding (Apr 11, 2009)


Thank you for making my wedding a success!  George and I loved the music!  Everyone had so much fun!  Thanks to you, our wedding was unforgettable!  I will never hire another DJ again. You will be highly recommended by George and me.  Thank you for staying an extra 3 hours!


Luci and George

Luci & George DelSignore - Private Wedding (Apr 11, 2009)


You were excellent on Saturday July 11th. We loved everything you did for us. I would refer you to anyone.

Thank you so much for you professionalism and quick response when we had trouble with power. You are a wonderful person and we were so very blessed to have worked with you. Thanks again!

Hopefully we can work together again sometime!

Best, Sharon and Marc

Sharon Hebert - Private Wedding (Jul 12, 2009)
Dan is wonderful! He gave 100% to my wedding! It never would have went so smooth without him! Thanks to his outstanding organization and attention to detail my wedding went off without a hitch! Thanks again Brandy.
Brandy Bates - Private Wedding (Jun 20, 2008)

Hi Dan, Now that all our family went back home after the wedding .... I would like to thank you very much for all your effort and work in making the wedding successful.

The music playing, your singing at the reception was excellent. I will definitely recommend you to our family, friends and anybody who asks us about music entertainment, bands or singing. Thank you again for making our wedding successful. 

Sincerely yours,

Diana Hirezi

Diana Hirezi - Private Wedding (May 2, 2009)

We worked with Daniel LaMaestra from Musical DJs. Dan was extremely professional, incredibly responsive and a wonderful DJ and pianist! Yes, not only was he our DJ, but he played the piano for our wedding ceremony as well. He came to us highly recommended by the venue we selected (Piedmont Club) and now we know why first-hand!

Dan was VERY thoughtful & thorough in the planning process, which made working with him smooth and easy on the nerves. Through his interactive website, we were able to quickly and efficiently plan the reception timeline and select the music for all those special song/dance moments. Daniel was always very, VERY prompt in responding to any questions or concerns we had (mostly within the hour or less!) and also had a great selection of music.

While very thorough in the planning (he even pre-recorded the names of our wedding party to get the pronunciations just right!) - he was also very flexible come the big day so when we needed to shorten a few things or change the timing for the reception, he was ready.

We originally hired Daniel LaMaestra from Musical DJs to be our DJ for our reception, however after sharing with him our difficulty in finding a pianist for our ceremony, he offered to be our pianist as well. We couldn't have been happier with our choice. At our rehearsal dinner, the hymn we found in the hymnal at the church was not the version we were familiar with. I began to panic, but Dan simply asked if I was able to sing it for him. I pulled aside one of my bridesmaids (who is a far better singer), and they worked together to figure out the tune of the hymn. Shortly thereafter, we were able to find the correct version of the hymn, but by then, Dan had already figured everything out.

Daniel is extremely knowledgeable in how wedding ceremonies work, and just very good at what he does. Our rehearsal ran late, and he had to leave for another appointment before we had had the chance to do a complete run of of the ceremony. However before leaving, he asked all the pertinent questions related to cues of when he was supposed to play from our pastor. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and you would never have known that Daniel wasn't even there for a full run during the rehearsal!

We really enjoyed working with Daniel (Musical DJs), and if you're looking for a wonderful musician or DJ for your wedding, we would definitely recommend him!

Moses and Jae Kim- Wedding (Apr 18, 2009)
Dan did a great job helping me with my many customized song requests and was always available to discuss details, timing, etc.

John Ware was exceptional ( as the DJ ) and the song choices were great! The reception at my wedding was awesome and everyone danced the whole time!
Faith Bowman Wedding (May 23, 2009)

Hi Dan,

Thank you for keeping everyone on the dance floor, you did an excellent job.

We've already received multiple complements on your professionalism and music selection, our guests were truly impressed.

Sincerely, Patricia & Kris

Kris and Patricia Wood - Private Wedding - (Aug 25, 2009)


You are a pleasure to work with and you add so much to the show.

Thank you,


Planet Washington

Ken Rynne - Comedy Show (Apr 17, 2009)
Hi Dan,

Happy holidays! We've had a hectic couple of months, but I've been meaning for a long time to drop you a note to thank you for your wonderful work at our wedding. We were so happy with everything, from your very helpful advice on the ceremony music to the last note of our final dance (not to mention that you held firm when Will's little niece tried to request the chicken dance). We received many compliments from the guests as well.

Thank you for helping to make it a very special evening! Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Kelly & Will
Kelly McCabe - Private Wedding (Oct 18, 2008)
Dan and Patty,
Our gratitude is long overdue! Not only did you hook us up with awesome music stylings.
You were super easy to work with ( a very non-stressful part of the planning ), and everyone had a blast!
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of teh celebration!

Warm regards,
Mr and Mrs John A. Robinson III
( Andy and Elizabeth )
Elizabeth Robinson - Private Wedding ( DJ + Live Trio ) (Jan 8, 2009)
Dan was wonderful! His talent and music selection was perfect! I would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks so much!
Lucia Coffey - - 50th anniversary party (Sep 28, 2008)
Dan was fabulous! I would highly recommend him to anyone and any event!
Ellen Hyslope - Middleburg Bank (Dec 6, 2008)
Dan exceeded our expectations! Excellent Choice!
Margie Russell - Private Wedding (Oct 11, 2008)
Jen and I were thrilled with the service you provided us. The sound, music, and showmanship were right on point.
Nathan Jordan - Private Wedding (Aug 27, 2008)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?

We have been in the music entertainment business since 1991. We would not still be in business if we provided less than stellar service. But still, our contract has clauses that outline refunds in the event of a no show, or other unforeseen circumstance that is deemed our fault.

What are your qualifications? Have you been professionally trained or certified?

Dan Lamaestra ( has had over 15 years of experience with weddings, parties, corporate events, and any other event needing musical support. Dan has a degree in music, and plays with the US Navy Band for VIP's and dignitaries regularly. Everyone that works for PM Productions has either worked with Dan for at least one year, or been trained by Dan before doing a job on their own. We are also certified members of N.A.M.E. (National Association of Mobile Entertainers)

What are your hourly rates?

We do not work with hourly rates. We base our prices on time of year, day of the week, specific gear needed at the event, number of personnel, and any other client needs. While our quotes are very competitive, we believe "you get what you pay for", and we provide what we feel is highly professional musical support.

Do you require a deposit? What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit by mail before the engagement. Cancellation policy is within 3 weeks of event, and initial deposit can be refunded under special circumstances

What is your experience? How many events have you done?

Between all of our Dj's and musicians that we regularly work with, we have over 20 years of experience working in the entertainment field. I personally have done an average of 100-120 events per year since 1998

Do you specialize in a specific genre of music?

As musicians, our live music acts specialize in jazz, but we also have a top 40 style variety band that can play several styles well, from pop and country to rock and big band swing. Our Dj's are well versed in Rock, Top 40, Rap, HipHop, Disco, Jazz and Swing, Country, and Latin music. In fact, Dan is originally from Argentina, and a fan of Mambo, Tango, Rhumba, Tejano, and other latin styles.

Do you take requests?

Our Dj's travel with a a library of over 20,000 popular songs, and if a request is made on the job, we can download it via a wireless connection! Even better, you can use our free online music database to customize the music you do and do not want to hear, all IN ADVANCE of your event, at your leisure from your home computer!

Can I provide my own music?

Yes and No. For specific songs that we may not already have, yes, but when you hire a Pro DJ, you are paying us to use our experience with events to keep the party going, and even the best prepared song lists must be tweaked depending on the flow of your party. In fact, it is better to tell us what NOT to play!

Do you have back-up equipment in case of failure?

All of our DJ's and Musicians have back up equipment if needed.

Will you also be the Master of Ceremonies (MC)?

Several of our DJ’s are very good MC’s. If the MC duties are more extensive than simple announcements, please let us know when you are booking, and we can assign an appropriate DJ.

What is your standard attire?

Tuxedo for formal, suit or shirt and slacks for more casual events. In some cases, we can wear a formal vest with a tux, no jacket.

Are you insured?

Yes. We carry a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy with a highly reputable insurance company. Copy of insurance certificate can be furnished upon request, and can also be directly emailed to your venue if needed.

How are you different from other disc jockeys?

We are different mainly in that many of us are professional musicians as well. We have seen parties from a DJ and a Musician point of view, we are fluent in many styles of music because we actually also play those styles, and a musician's ear and instinct can't be beat when behind a DJ Console. Also, we can actually play live music for your ceremony and/or cocktail hour before spinning at the booth later. You won’t find that anywhere else.

F.A.Q. - as of May, 2009 (May 1, 2009)